Try living everyday as though extraordinary claims required extraordinary evidence… or any evidence at all.


Try living everyday as though extraordinary claims required extraordinary evidence… or any evidence at all.

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Cave Johnson’s rant from Portal 2 :) Got the pattern here.


Men’s Rights Activists
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the thing to realize here is that conservatives find the idea of paying workers a livable wage so absurd that they make hyperbolic comparisons like this

because fifteen dollars and hour and a hundred thousand dollars an hour both mean the same thing to them; more than you deserve

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That’s not cool Tumblr and you know it, you’re basically forcing people to agree to this bullcrap. 

of course they’re forcing you to agree. if you’re gonna use their services then you have to abide by their rules.

yeah, that’s why it’s called “terms of service”

because they will let you use their service if you agree to their terms

What is the point in forcing you to agree if there is only one option that is so stupid it’s like a presidential election with 1 candidate a complete farce to be honest

Are you guys just not familiar with how websites in general tend to work

Oh my gosh I can’t believe people are getting worked up about this??

Ther actually are two options, though.
1: agree and use the website
2: don’t agree and go do something else instead of complaining about something you obviously did already!

hahahaha oh my god. How do these people even get through the day?

  • "My ISP wants me to sign a CONTRACT before they let me use their services? This is BULLSHIT."
  • "Wait, so I have to pay RENT before I can live here? That’s not FAIR!"
  • "Hang on, you expect me to agree to some CONDITIONS before you let me join your club? It’s like you’re NOT GIVING ME A CHOICE."
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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Posters


someone switch black widow and nick fury’s poses for me

my magnum opus

jeff i’m so proud of you right now

Those swapped posters are my new favourite things.

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and in that moment, the entire movie theater burst into tears

i think this was the moment that made most of us despise umbridge more than voldemort

most of us?! don’t you mean ALL of us?? I don’t think even Voldemort liked this bitch!

No one likes Umbridge.

I heard, one time, a dementor kissed her and IT died

Voldemort committed genocide, but Umbridge dared to be female while she abused her power. 

The point isn’t that Umbridge was worse than Voldemort; it’s that everyone hates her more. And I think it has nothing to do with her being a woman and everything with being the sort of cruel most of us have actually experienced.

I mean, look at Voldemort. He’s basically Wizard Hitler, which is, obviously, an incredibly terrible thing to be. But most people—especially the younger people in Harry Potter’s target audience—have not had their parents murdered by a xenophobic cult leader. Nor have they fought for their lives against giant snakes, been kidnapped for dark rituals, or watched numerous friends die in front of them. Voldemort’s crimes are numerous, but they’re distant and fantastical, like hearing about a serial killer on the news.

But they have had that one teacher who inflicts extra punishments just because they don’t like you. They’ve complained to parents and authorities only to be ignored. They’ve sat through pointless classes and been silenced when they criticize. Umbridge is that teacher we all hated because she made our lives miserable and we were powerless to stop her. And as we grow out of school, there are still people in positions of power who act like her. The manager who denies your schedule requests and penalizes you for invented infractions. That customer who complains to corporate because their scam didn’t work, and the corporate decision to listen to their story. Cops performing illegal searches because they know you don’t have any proof.

Yes, torturing and killing numerous people is worse than terrorizing a handful of schoolchildren, but Voldemort is the bad guy in a fairy tale. Umbridge is personal.

*drops the mic*

Voldemort is the villain we never hope to face.

Umbridge is the villain we face every day.

thank you all-four-cheekbones some people on this website need to realise not everything is a matter of sexism or gender discrimination omg

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